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We need clean water!

So far we have raised a total of $940 of the $5000 needed. Please help us bring clean water to these kids.


Jespa Ngong

Jespa helping harvest vegetable with his good arm.

He was burned in a fire as an infant and now he's 12 years old. He hasn't been to a doctor since the accident happened. At the time of the accident, he didn't get any major surgery because he fell ill and then the mother had to return to the village. Other than his injuries, he's a pretty normal kid and the other kids are very nice to him now. While visiting him.


Trip to Cameroon part 1 & 2

We hosted our first potluck party featuring Comedian Jerry Winn, DJ/Performer Jason Khera, and an amazing group of friends, food and drinks! Next event will be soon, Facebook event to follow!

Here is a little inside to why I (Ruth) for one care so much. While in school in Cameroon-Africa, we use to love the quote, "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime". Our hope is that with your support, together we can give these kids the opportunity to learn how to fish for themselves down the road. The future of third world countries depends on it.


Video of the potluck:


Young Boys FC

Young Boys FC. A group young men coming together through sports to help one another become better members of the community by encouraging education, good behavior and financial support when need be.

As was promised last month, a monthly report on the status of the team will be provided every month. February has been a pretty good month for YBFC and we hope that March will carry the same goodness. We ended the regular season of our first season in the top flight unbeaten. We are currently in the knockout phase where under hard struggle, we made it past the quarterfinal stage. We are poised to take on to the semifinals where we left off last year and hope to get past that into the finals and by the grace of the Almighty and our hard work, win the championship.


A short film by Ruth Akumbu:

Eboneh is an African student who comes to the USA with noble intentions of returning to his country of origin and making a difference. These dreams are quickly challenged by problems at home.