Our Mission:

To plant seeds of hope, change and opportunity in schools, individuals and communities in Cameroon and around the world through education, sports, and clean water.

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Kid of the Month

Ngong Jespa

Ngong Jespa is 12 years old and a son of a single mother, Lustina, who is a farmer. At the age of about 10 months old, his parents left him with his brothers and sister who also were children to go to the farm. There was a big fire in the kitchen where the baby was sleeping set up to dry newly harvested corn (Imagine a flaming hot camp fire except inside a small building). While the parents were at the farm, the younger ones went off to play leaving baby Jespa alone in the kitchen with the blazing fire and heat. When they remembered to check on him, he was in the flames. They tried to drag him out of the fire but not being old or strong enough, they could not pull him out. They ran out, cried out to the neighbors for help. When the mother and father finally came home and rushed him to the nearest health Center which was miles away, he had sustained third degree burns. Unfortunately, Health Centers are not equipped to deal with such severe burns and his parents did not have money to take him to a better hospital for further treatment. The father died soon after, bringing any hope of helping Jespa to an apparent end. He has bravely attended school for the past six year and is in class 6 at C.B.C primary school Chucku. It will be wonderful to not only help him educationally but medically. If you know any doctors/organizations that might be interested in this case, please forward this to them or contact us through our website

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